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This is a chronicle of my time with breast cancer, ongoing.

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Special thanks to:

  • Michał Sterzycki, Awesome Husband Dude
  • Sonia Kuchuk, Awesome Nurse and Friend
  • Calley Nye, Keepin' real, keepin' it funny, and not letting me shit on myself
  • Colin Huggins, Helping to expand my creative horizons
  • Jonathan Henninger, Photographer, Videographer, amazing human
  • International community of swing dancers
  • CT, MA, and NY stand-up comedy communities, for giving me time on stage to explore what's so funny about cancer.
  • Kim, Michael, and Lydia Lewis
  • The women of The Bechdel Fest
  • Keyvan Behpour, Project Photographer
  • Stefano Fusi, Plastic Surgeon
  • Kaye Zuckerman, Surgical Oncologist